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Why Is Inclusion Critical to Business Success?



Diversity is the first step in building a strong work culture, but it is inclusion that is key. A culture of inclusion is established when those employees who fall outside of the realms of white, male, heterosexual, and non-disabled, feel accepted, seen, and have equal access to opportunities. 

What kind of Culture are you building?

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Non-inclusive workplaces often face the challenge of low talent retention, particularly of employees who fall into the category of a protected class. When an enterprise demonstrates inclusion as a value it inspires employee loyalty that can translate to customer loyalty as well. 

Are you inspiring Loyalty?


While inclusion can feel like a personal value, there is a proven connection to increased revenue and performance for workplaces that have gender and ethnic diversity in executive leadership positions. Studies show that companies who value inclusion outperform those who don't, by 27% in some cases.  

How are your Revenues?

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Inclusive workplaces promote open communication and information sharing. Employees are likely to be more engaged in their workplaces when they feel empowered to make decisions, give appropriate feedback without consequence, and feel that their cultural norms and lifestyle are visibly respected. 

Are your employees Engaged?

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In homogenous workplaces, there is little room for creativity or innovation. Even if the employee landscape is diverse, if there is not a culture of inclusion, ideas can be stifled before they've had a chance to be heard. When your company values inclusion you reap the benefits of getting a fresh perspective and are positioned for growth. 

Do you value unique Perspectives?

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Teams that include people who feel valued stimulate increased performance, which leads to overall enterprise expansion. Providing another example of how an inclusive work environment is "good for business."






Are your teams Producing value?

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