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D.E.I.A. Services.

Sky Nile Consulting works alongside C-Suite Executives and corporate decision-makers to create workplaces that promote diversity and inclusion internally as well as externally.  Through our unique approach, we provide a safe space for the deconstruction of implicit biases so that you can develop a company culture that emphasizes diverse perspectives, experiences, and talents. 

As part of our method, we place an emphasis on establishing a judgment-free, inclusive, and discrete environment in which our corporate clients can feel safe to have candid conversations and attack implicit biases head-on.  

Culture and change begin at the top of any organization. That is why we have developed a system that works not only to address individual biases but more importantly, serves to normalize anti-racism as part of the collective practices of an organization. We know that Diversity Consultants typically spend their time focused on how to be aware of and address biases, but we take our work to the next level, working directly with leadership to understand exactly where gaps exist, and building frameworks to close them.



We believe that in order to develop an inclusive workplace, we must work in partnership with leaders. That is why our training activities begin at Executive Coaching. 


We work alongside you to determine what tools do you have in place to create an equitable work environment. 


One of the pervasive dangers of internal biases is that they consistently manifest as company policies that create hostile work environments for non-white employees. By and large, these policies are often not intended to have negative psychological and emotional impacts on team members, but they do nonetheless. This can contribute to high turnover, low job satisfaction, impaired performance, and ultimately a low bottom line for the enterprise itself. 


By working with leadership to review corporate policies, procedures, and practices, we can help uproot discriminatorily norms, and establish an inclusive environment that permeates all departments. 



In efforts to create inclusive workplaces, many leaders believe being “colorblind” is the solution. While this may sound idyllic on the surface, it is deeply problematic and in fact, serves as a form of identity erasure and ignores the pervasiveness of systemic racism.


We work with you and your team to provide the foundational tools your employees need to understand and visualize what an inclusive workplace looks like in practice.



  • Unlearning Discrimination / Learning Inclusion 

  • Culture Building / How Culture Informs Values and Behaviors

  • Effective Communication

  • Inclusive Hiring Practices

  • ​Equitable Salaries and Bonus Structure

  • Accountability Systems 

  • Inclusive Marketing 

  • Developing Next Gen Leaders


& Inclusion 


In order to retain employees and develop a workplace in which members of protected classes can thrive, leaders must be comfortable in their discomfort and be willing to challenge their own longheld personal beliefs.


This is why we work to create a safe space in which employees at all levels can take an honest look at their personal implicit biases and quantify just how those notions are impacting how they show up in their work.


We want to feed your appetite for anti-racism work and help you establish a strong, safe, and consistent feedback loop that helps you understand exactly how diversity and inclusion impact your overall business goals.

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